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The Road Bike

My road bike is a late 80's Schwinn Tempo road bike. Columbus tubing, 12 speed, 105 components .
I have configured this bike for "Credit Card" Touring and light utility use.

Road image 1

Wheels: 36 spoke, Weinmann 219 rims, 105 hub.
Tires: Conti Top-Touring 2000. 700C 28mm wide.
Gearing: Original 52-42 on front with a 12-28 rear.
Stem: Nitto Technomic
Bars: 70's Sakae Road Champion Randnner (thats how its spelled on the bars!).

Road image 3

Saddle: Brooks B17 Champion Special

Road image 2

Fenders: Attached almost entirely using zip ties - There are braze ons for fenders but no clearance with these tires! I'm using the rear for the rack anyway. On the rear the fender is attached to the down tube and the rack. The brake winds up under the fender.

Road image 4

On the front, the fender starts at the fork. The stiffener bar from a Blackburn low-rider rack serves as the structure. The mud flap is of course fashoned from a 2 litre coke bottle. There are mere inches of road clearance and the system works quite well.

Road image 5

My name is Cliff and I am a Dead Head. See my project shn2make if you are too. It can help.

Crossing the mighty Wabash
On tour crossing the mighty Wabash

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