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The current version is 2.14
shn2make(1)                                                        shn2make(1)

       shn2make - A tool for working with sets of shn and flac audio files

       shn2make [ options ]

       shn2make  works  with sets of shn or flac audio files and the make pro-
       gram to automate the process of burning shn archive CD-R's,  audio  CD-
       R's and the encoding of lossy mp3 and ogg-vorbis files.

       shn  and  flac are lossless audio compression formats. shn and flac are
       commonly used for  distribution  of  high-quality  live  recordings  of
       "trade friendly" bands. You will find many via , or in USENET
       groups like alt.binaries.gdead.

       shn and flac file sets are typically distributed with a  .nfo  or  .txt
       file which contains the set list and other information.

       Shn2make  finds  all the shn or flac files in the current directory and
       checks thier md5 checksums.  Then shn2make looks for the .nfo  or  .txt
       file,  and trys to figure out the song names and corresponding disc and
       track numbers. The song names are matched  against  available  shn/flac
       files.   Finally,  if all the files check ok and everything is complete
       and makes sense a Makefile is created.

       Using this Makefile with the standard "make" utility,  various  tedious
       sequences  of tasks can be automatically performed on the set of shn or
       flac files. For example archiving the set to CD, or  encoding  all  the
       songs to mp3 with the correct names.

       Lets  say  you have downloaded a set of shns corresponding to two audio
       CD's worth of free music. You have these files:


       With all this, the first thing is to run shn2make:


       After the GNU license notice, shn2make outputs:

       Reading the contents of the nfo or .txt file...       
       Looking  for shn  or  flac  files  in  the current directory...       
       Matching songs listed in nfo to  files...        
       Looking  for  songs  in  nfo  file...
       found   md5   file   :  gd72-08-27.PB.md5       
       checking  md5  for gd72-08-27d1t01.shn...OK      
       checking md5 for gd72-08-27d1t02.shn...OK
       checking  md5  for  gd72-08-27d1t03.shn...OK
       checking md5 for gd72-08-27d2t01.shn...OK
       checking md5 for gd72-08-27d2t02.shn...OK
       All checksums OK      
       "make shnarchive1" will archive disc(s)  1 2

       Now you will have a Makefile.

       To encode all the shn files to mp3:

            make mp3

       To archive the shn files to a CD-R  (optimizing  disk  space,  assuming
       both audio discs worth of shns fit on a single CD-R):

            make shnarchive1

       When  you  create an archive disc, after the disk is recorded the cd is
       mounted and the files written are re-verified.

       If there is no nfo or txt file, shn2make will attempt to create one for
       you and just use the file names. 

       If you are using shn2make as a backend to lmadl shn2make will use the
       txt file generated by lmadl in preference to other txt files.

       In the case of mulitple possible txt/nfo files to choose from, 
       shn2make simply try each of the files until it finds one that works.
       If no txt/nfo files work, an error will be declared and processing 

       To burn the the first disc in a set as an audio CD, put a blank in your
       burner and:

            make disc1

       Once  you  have  made  the  shn archive CD-R, you will want to share or
       trade the music with your buds.  Mount the shn archive  disc  (in  your
       standard,  non-burning CD-ROM drive).

            shn2make --srcdir /mnt/cd0 --partial 

       then make sure a blank is in the burner and
       burn an audio CD-R to give away or play in your car.

            make disc1

       --help -h

       --version -v
              show version identification

       --dump -d
              generate lots debugging information

       --bitrate rate
              default = variable bitrate encoding for lame, 192 for blade  and

       --quiet -q
              do not print warnings or the banner to STDERR


       --nonumbers -n
              do not put side and track numbers into the ogg or wav file names
              ( 101_song.ogg becomes song.ogg ). The default  is  to  use  the
              numbering  scheme  -  so  that  things are played in the correct

       --srcdir dirpath
              Use the directory  specified  instead  of  the  default  current

       --ourdir dirpath
              Use   the  directory  specified  for  creation  of  lossy  files
              (mp3/ogg) instead of the current directory.

       --tmpdir dirpath
              Use the directory specified for doing the work (unpacking  wavs,
              builing iso's, etc.)

       --cdpath path_to_cd-rom
              Defines the mount path for the cd-rom.

              Not a full set. Process anyway without for missing shn files.

       --xmd5 -x
              Bypass the md5 check on the shns.

              Force an md5 check on the shns.

              Perform md5 checks and then exit. No Makefile is generated.

       --withoutimages -w
              By  default, any png, jpg, or gif files in the working directory
              are added to the shn archives. These usually  are  scans  of  CD
              covers or other things. Using this option suppresses this behav-

              Sets the  name  of  the  created  makefile.  "Makefile"  is  the

              Do not ask about overwriting an existing makefile. Just do it.

       --oggquality N
              Set the quality for ogg encoding. Default is 6 ( very high)

              Suppress the use of nice for computationally intense operations.

              Tell shn2make that these flac files  are  flac24  and  name  the
              archive sub-directory accordingly.

       --indexedtracks -i
              Shn files with names containing looking like "d1t102"

              Instead  of  using  the song names in the nfo file, just use the
              file names as they are. For  example  the  file  gd85-06-14oade-
              d2t10.flac  will  encode  to  an  ogg file named gd85-06-14oade-

         You will need to add a file .shn2makerc to your home directory. This
         has these entries:

       CDPATH /media/cd0
              Your burner mount point

       CDR_DEVICE 1,0,0
              Your burner device from cdrecord -scanbus 

       CDR_SPEED 12
              The speed of your burner

       CDR_SIZE 650
              The capacity of a CD-ROM in MB.

       TMP_DIR /usr2/tmp
              A directory in which  to  do  all  processing.  Needs  at  least
              CDR_SIZE free space.

              The ogg quality setting to use for encoding. Default = 6.

         shn2make requires:
           perl 5 with the GetOpts::Long module (should be standard)
         using shn2make requires:
           shorten to uncompress shn files.
           flac to uncompress flac files.
           lame (or bladeenc) if you want to encode mp3 files.
           oggenc if you want to encode encode ogg-vorbis files.
           cdrecord to burn CDs.
           md5sum to check checksums.
           make to make it all work.

       the Makefile generated by shn2make offers these main targets:

              convert all the shns on disc N to wavs

              encode mp3's for all the shns on disc N

              encode ogg's for all the shns on disc N

              delete all the wav from disc N

              delete all the mp3's made from disc N

              delete all the ogg's made from disc N

              (pretend to) burn an audio disc N ( cdrecord dummy mode)

       discN  burn an audio disc N

       wav    make wav's from all the shns on all discs

       mp3    encode mp3's from all the shns on all discs

       ogg    encode ogg's from all the shns on all discs

              delete all wav files

              delete all mp3 files

              delete all ogg files

       isoX   make an iso file of a shn archive X

              burn shn archive X

              burn flac archive X

              make an duplicate iso from an already created archive disc.

              burn  a  duplicate  archive disc from an already created archive

              delete the iso file for archive X

              delete all archive iso files.

       shn2make has trouble with nfo files or file names which  are  unusually
       formatted  and  vary  greatly  from etree standards.  In particular nfo
       files with un-numbered song names may cause trouble. shn files which do
       not  look  like  sometextdXtYY.shn where X is the disc number and YY is
       the track number may cause trouble. Some variations of this are handled
       correctly,  but seemingly simple things, like shns with the actual song
       names in the file name may not work. File names  with  blanks  in  them
       also  cause trouble.  Currently shn2make handles about 95% of the posts
       in alt.binaries.gdead and alt.binaries.gdead.highspeed and many 


       If  you have 1 flac file in the directory shn2make assumes flac for the
       archive creation.  If for some insane reason you had  a  mixed  set  of
       flac and shn everything else should work.

       ~/.shn2makerc  defines  CD-ROM  device  and  speed, temporary directory
       location,  and other installation specific options.

       perl(1),           lame(1),           bladeenc(1),           oggenc(1),

       shn2make  is  free  software  licensed  under the GNU-GPL. See the file
       COPYING for details.

       shn2make was written by Cliff Johnson  who  awaits  your  feedback  and
       ideas at 

version 2.14                      10 Oct 2005                      shn2make(1)