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The current version is 1.0

lmadl(1)							      version 1.0

       lmadl - automatically download shows from the live music archive

       lmadl showindex [ options ]

       lmadl  is  a  script  which automates the downloading of shows from the
       live music archive (

       lmadl has 1 required argument which is the 5 digit index number of  the
       show  to  download.  This  index  number  is taken from the URL for the
       "Details and Downloads" page for a particular show.

       For example for	the  URL  "
       db.php?id=12278" the argument would be 12278.

       When  shn2make  is  present  on	the system, after downloading lossless
       files (shn and flac), lmadl will automatically call shn2make to prepare
       the files for processing.

       --help -h

       --version -v
	      show version identification

       --xshn2make -x
	      do not run shn2make on downloaded lossless files.

       When  you  specify a valid show index, lmadl will display show informa-
       tion, the song names and a list of available formats.

       Choose a format and lmadl will begin downloading the files.

       You can also choose nothing, or enter "q", in  which  case  lmadl  will

       When  you choose a lossless format (shn or flac) lmadl will also create
       it's own text file  named  _LMA.txt  which  is  formatted
       specifically  to  use  with shn2make and shn2make (V2.12 or later) will
       automatically choose that file in preference to	others.   This	elimi-
       nates  the  need to ever edit the official .txt/.nfo files to make them
       work with shn2make.

	 lmadl is supported on Linux, most any UNIX, or on Windoze  using  the
       Cygwin enviornment.

	 lmadl requires:
	   perl 5 with the modules GetOpts::Long  and LWP::Simple
	   gnu wget (available from

	 shn2make is good to use with lmadl

       perl(1), shn2make(1), wget(1)

       lmadl is free software licensed under the GNU-GPL. See the file COPYING
       for details.

       lmadl was written by Cliff Johnson 

version 1.00			  16 Jul 2005			      lmadl(1)